Burberry 1863: The Greatest British Fashion Revolution

Burberry 1863: The Greatest British Fashion Revolution

"Burberry 1863: The Greatest British Fashion Revolution" tells the story of how the British fashion company Burberry rose to prominence in the Victorian era and became one of the world’s most famous fashion brands. The book is written by fashion historian, Deborah L. Martin, and features exclusive new photography by Mario Testino.

The book tells the story of Burberry from its roots in 1856 as a small drapery shop in London to its meteoric rise to become one of the world’s leading fashion brands. Martin explores Burberry’s innovative fashion designs, its relationship with the aristocracy and the royal family, and its

1) What was the biggest challenge Burberry faced during their 1863 fashion revolution?

Burberry faced many challenges during their 1863 fashion revolution. The biggest challenge was convincing the public that fashion could be changed and that new, innovative designs were necessary. The company also had to overcome the stigma that was attached to clothing designed for the wealthy class. Despite these challenges, Burberry was successful in changing the fashion industry and paving the way for future fashion designers.

2) How did Burberry achieve such a successful fashion revolution?

The story of Burberry begins in 1853, when a woolen mill in the town of Burberry in Northumberland, England was founded by a Yorkshireman, John Burberry. The mill produced high quality woolen cloth and became a successful business. In 1859, Burberry opened its first retail store.

In 1868, John Burberry’s son, Charles, took over the business. Charles made major changes to the company, modernizing the production process and introducing new styles of cloth. In 1891, Charles Burberry opened a new mill in London, which greatly increased production.

In 1912, Burberry became a public company. In the 1930s, Burberry began to experiment with new fabrics and designs, and in 1941 introduced the first raincoat.

In 1961, Burberry opened its first store in Paris. In 1963, the company introduced its first trench coat. In 1971, Burberry opened its first store in Tokyo. In 1984, Burberry introduced its first polo shirt.

In 1990, Burberry became a subsidiary of the British luxury goods company, LVMH. In 1997, the company introduced its first women’s line of clothing. In 2002, Burberry introduced the Burberry brand to the US market.

Burberry’s success can be attributed to a number of factors. First, the company innovated with new styles and fabrics, which set it apart from other fashion brands. Second, the company created a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere, which helped it to attract high-end customers. Third, Burberry was able to maintain high standards of quality and craftsmanship, which made its products popular with consumers.

The Burberry 1863 fashion revolution was a significant event in fashion history. The company’s innovative designs and high quality products made it one of the most successful fashion brands in history.

3) What were some of the most popular Burberry 1863 pieces?

The Burberry 1863 fashion revolution was all about bringing a new level of sophistication and elegance to British fashion. This was accomplished through the launch of innovative and cutting-edge pieces such as the trench coat and the bolero jacket.

Many of the most popular pieces from the Burberry 1863 fashion revolution were the trench coat and the bolero jacket. The trench coat was a revolutionary piece for its time, as it was the first trench coat to feature a double-breasted design. The bolero jacket was also a popular choice, as it was both stylish and comfortable.

Overall, the Burberry 1863 fashion revolution was a success and helped to redefine British fashion. Thanks to the innovations of Burberry 1863, British fashion is now more sophisticated and elegant than ever before.

4) What was the reaction to Burberry’s 1863 fashion revolution in Britain and abroad?

Burberry’s 1863 fashion revolution in Britain and abroad was met with mixed reactions. Some people found the new designs innovative and exciting, while others found them too daring. The fashion industry as a whole was largely unresponsive to Burberry’s innovations at first, but eventually other brands followed suit. Burberry’s success paved the way for future British fashion designers, and their influence can still be seen in contemporary fashion today.


In conclusion, "Burberry 1863: The Greatest British Fashion Revolution" provides a detailed and fascinating history of one of the most influential fashion brands in the world. From its humble beginnings as a small knitwear company, Burberry has become one of the most recognizable names in fashion, and its innovations in style have had a lasting impact on fashion industry standards. Through this book, readers are able to learn about the brand’s remarkable history and how its unique approach to fashion helped shape modern day fashion trends.

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