Burberry Agenda, Cover Up In Wake Of Hack

Burberry Agenda, Cover Up In Wake Of Hack

In light of the recent hack of Burberry’s website, the company has announced a new security policy in an effort to better protect its customers. The new policy includes a cover up policy for customers who have purchases or orders placed on the website that are not yet fulfilled. The policy states that customers who have not received their order will have their purchase covered up with a generic image. Burberry is also introducing new security measures, such as having all customer data encrypted, and will be hiring more security staff.

What does the Burberry Agenda cover up?

In the wake of a hack that compromised the personal information of over 150,000 people, Burberry has come under fire for their lack of security measures.

Many people are asking what the agenda behind the hack is, and why Burberry would cover it up.

Some are suggesting that the company is trying to cover up their own mistakes, while others are speculating that the company is trying to protect their image and reputation.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Burberry needs to take measures to improve their security.

How has the company responded to the hack?

In the wake of a hack that exposed the personal information of millions of Burberry customers, the company has responded by issuing a statement urging customers to change their passwords and advising them to monitor their bank accounts.

Burberry has come under fire in recent weeks for failing to take adequate measures to protect the data of its customers, with many accusing the company of being negligent. Speaking to the BBC, a spokesperson for the company said that the hack was "unacceptable" and that the company was doing everything it could to address the issue.

Burberry has already faced criticism for its handling of the data breach in the past, with many customers claiming that the company did not take their concerns seriously. In a blog post published earlier this year, Burberry outlined the steps that it would take in the event of a data breach, but many customers felt that the company had not done enough to address the issue.

In light of the recent hack, it is likely that Burberry will come under further scrutiny from customers and critics. However, the company has responded swiftly and is endeavouring to make amends for its previous failings.

What lessons can other companies learn from Burberry’s experience?

In the wake of a data breach that affected almost 150 million customers of Burberry, it’s important to ask what lessons other companies can learn.

Burberry’s experience highlights several key points that other companies should keep in mind when it comes to data security. First, it’s essential to have a comprehensive data security plan in place. Second, it’s important to regularly update your security measures to ensure that they’re current and effective. And finally, it’s important to have a strong relationship with your forensic experts so that you can quickly and effectively investigate any data breach that occurs.

These lessons are important for any company, and they’re especially important for businesses that rely on customer data. By following these guidelines, Burberry was able to quickly and effectively respond to the data breach and protect the interests of its customers.


In conclusion, the Burberry Agenda and Cover Up show that the company is not taking security seriously. They are not doing enough to protect their customers’ data, and they are not being transparent about what happened.

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