Burberry Blushes in Rollerball form

Burberry Blushes in Rollerball form

Burberry Blushes in Rollerball form are a new addition to the Burberry Blushes collection. The new formula is enriched with vitamin C and provides a soft, luminous finish.

What are the different shades of Burberry blush in Rollerball form?

Burberry has a range of blush in Rollerball form that includes a variety of shades. From light pink to rosy pink, these blushes are perfect for adding a touch of colour to the cheeks.

What do you think of the applicator? Is it easy to use?

Burberry blush in rollerball form is definitely something different. It’s easy to apply, but I’m not sure how well it blends. Overall, I think it’s a fun product to try, but I’m not sure I would buy it.

Which Burberry blush in Rollerball form is your favorite?

Burberry has a wide range of blush shades, so it’s hard to just choose one! However, if we had to narrow it down, we would choose the Burberry Rose Rollerball blush in shade 010. It’s a soft, delicate pink that is perfect for everyday wear.


In conclusion, I found that the Burberry Blushes in Rollerball form are a great addition to any makeup collection. They are pigmented and easy to use, making them perfect for on-the-go makeup applications. The shades are versatile and flattering, making them a great choice for all skin tones.

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