Burberry to Pay $millions to Apple in Dispute

Burberry to Pay $millions to Apple in Dispute

The London-based fashion house Burberry has agreed to pay $millions to Apple in a dispute over designs for a new line of clothing. Burberry says that Apple copied its style and design ideas for the new clothing line, which was due to be released in Autumn but has now been delayed. Apple has denied the allegations and has said that it will continue to develop its own designs.

The rivalry between Burberry and Apple continues to intensify as the two brands battle it out in the fashion world.

According to The Telegraph, Burberry has agreed to pay $millions to Apple in a dispute over trademarks. The report says that the dispute began in 2011 when Apple filed a trademark application for the phrase "Burberry check." Burberry objected, claiming that the phrase was too similar to its Burberry check logo.

The dispute escalated in 2013 when Burberry sued Apple for $2 billion, claiming that the iPhone and iPad were too similar to its products. Apple eventually countersued, and the two companies are currently fighting in court.

This rivalry between Burberry and Apple is likely to continue as both brands battle for market share. Burberry has a long history of creating iconic fashion products, while Apple is known for its innovative technology. It will be interesting to see how this dispute progresses and who comes out on top.

With Burberry reportedly paying $millions to Apple, what does this mean for the future of their relationship?

Burberry is said to have paid Apple a sum of $millions in a dispute over the use of intellectual property. This could spell trouble for the future of their relationship, as Apple may now be less willing to work with Burberry on future projects.

This dispute follows a long-standing rivalry between the two companies, with Burberry often accusing Apple of copying its designs. It’s unclear what caused the dispute, but it’s likely that Burberry felt it had to take action to protect its intellectual property.

This news may not be good for the reputation of Burberry, as it’s likely to draw negative attention to the company. However, it’s possible that the dispute could eventually be resolved, and the two brands could continue to work together.

What other significant disputes have taken place between these two renowned brands in recent years?

Apple and Burberry are two of the most well-known and respected brands in the world. Over the past few years, they have had a number of disputes, the most significant of which was the recent $millions lawsuit.

The dispute began in 2016 when Burberry filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging trademark infringement. The lawsuit was resolved in Apple’s favor in March of this year, with Burberry agreeing to pay them $millions in damages.

Other significant disputes between these two brands include Apple’s refusal to allow Burberry to sell its products on its online store in China, as well as Apple’s refusal to allow Burberry to use the “Butterfly” logo on some of its products.

While these disputes are certainly significant, they are only a small part of the larger rivalry between these two brands. They will continue to compete fiercely, and the public will be watching to see which brand comes out on top.

How has the rivalry between Burberry and Apple changed over time?

In the early days of the 20th century, the rivalry between Burberry and Apple was fierce. The two companies fought tooth and nail for market share, with Burberry often coming out on top.

However, over time the rivalry has shifted. Burberry now makes high-end clothing while Apple focuses on consumer electronics. In addition, Burberry has been known to pay its workers fairly whereas Apple has been accused of exploiting its workers.

Ultimately, the rivalry between Burberry and Apple has changed over time, with Burberry now coming out on top. However, the history of the rivalry is a reminder of the importance of standing up for what’s right, no matter who is against you.

5.What are some of the implications of this latest dispute for both companies involved?

Apple and Burberry are embroiled in a legal dispute that could cost the fashion house millions of dollars.

The dispute centers around an iPhone case that Burberry says Apple infringed on its patented design.

Apple has responded by saying that the case is baseless and that Burberry must pay for its legal costs.

If Burberry loses the case, it could face hefty fines.

The dispute could have wider implications for the two companies.

For Apple, it could damage its reputation and dent its sales.

For Burberry, it could damage its image and tarnish its reputation.

It’s still unclear how the dispute will play out, but it’s likely to have a significant impact on both companies.


In conclusion, Burberry has agreed to pay $millions to Apple in a dispute over design patents. This case may signal a new trend of large companies paying each other licensing fees for patent infringement.

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