Burberry’s Birthday Meme Will Make You Laugh

Burberry’s Birthday Meme Will Make You Laugh

The Burberry Birthday Meme is a hilarious online meme that was created in honor of Burberry’s 150th anniversary. The meme features various images of people celebrating Burberry’s birthday, with one person saying “happy birthday,” followed by a funny caption. The meme has quickly become a popular way to share funny pictures and jokes online, and is sure to make you laugh.

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Burberry is turning 150 years old this year, and in celebration, the luxury British brand is kicking off a birthday meme campaign with some hilarious short films.

In the first short, "Burberry 150 – The Making of a Brand," Burberry’s creative director, Christopher Bailey, talks about how the brand became what it is today. Bailey stars in the film, and also provides the voice of the Burberry Bunny in a series of animated shorts that follow the creation of the iconic Burberry Check pattern.

The second short, "150 Years of Style," stars model Cara Delevingne as she visits Burberry’s London headquarters and tries on some of the brand’s most iconic pieces. In the film, Delevingne also interviews Bailey, who shares his thoughts on the brand’s history and future.

The third short, "150 Years of Fun," stars singer Jessie J as she visits Burberry’s flagship store in London and tries on a variety of different clothes. In the film, J also interviews Bailey, who discusses the brand’s history and current marketing strategies.

The final short, "150 Years of Friendship," features a reunion between two of Burberry’s most famous customers: Virginia Woolf and Roald Dahl. The two writers chat about their favorite Burberry pieces and share stories about their relationship with the brand.

The shorts are all available to watch on Burberry’s website and social media platforms. The brand is also hosting a series of events to celebrate its 150th anniversary, including a fashion show in London on September 29 and a pop-up shop in New York City on October 6.

If you’re a fan of Burberry, be sure to check out the brand’s birthday memes and videos! They’re sure to make you laugh.

What’s your favorite Burberry product?

Burberry has been around since 1856 and has always been known for its luxurious fashion. This year, the brand is celebrating its 150th anniversary, so to mark the occasion, they’ve created a fun birthday meme. Check it out below!

How do you think the brand will celebrate its birthday this year?

Burberry is celebrating its birthday this year in a big way! The fashion house is releasing a new meme every day on its Facebook page, and it’s sure to make you laugh. From funny animal memes to clever puns, these memes are sure to bring a smile to your face. So check out the Burberry Facebook page today and enjoy some light-hearted fun!

What are some of your favorite Burberry memes?

Burberry’s birthday is coming up soon, so to celebrate we’ve put together a few of our favorite memes! From sassy cats to cheeky dogs, these will have you laughing all day long. So get in the mood and scroll down to check them all out!

Which celebrity would you want to receive a gift from Burberry for their birthday?

Burberry is celebrating their birthday this year, and they have prepared a hilarious birthday meme to share with their fans. Which celebrity would you want to receive a gift from Burberry for their birthday? Vote in the poll below to find out!


In conclusion, Burberry’s birthday meme will make you laugh. It is a clever way to celebrate the company’s anniversary, and it has received a lot of positive feedback.

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