Courteney Cox still doesn’t remember ‘Friends’

Please don’t request Courteney Cox to use the dialogue taken from “Friends” episodes.

In spite of the 10 years she was a part of on the hugely popular show, Cox has come out to remind viewers that she didn’t really remember anything about her experience during the program.
She recently confessed to “Sunday Today”that her memory loss made her a handicap in the last HBO Max “Friends” reunion (HBO Max is part of the parent of CNN).
“I should’ve watched all 10 seasons because when I did the reunion and was asked questions, I was like, ‘I don’t remember being there,'” Cox stated. “I don’t remember filming so many episodes.”
She mentioned that she’ll occasionally catch episodes on TV but isn’t sure of the episodes. “But it’s so funny.”
Cox, the actress who played Monica Geller on “Friends,” claimed that her memory has never been good.
“I don’t remember any trauma in my childhood,” she claimed. “But I have like three memories. I don’t know. I don’t know why.”
While her lines from “Friends” aren’t imprinted in her mind, Cox acknowledged that she knows why the show remains loved despite being taken off of on the air back in.
“It doesn’t matter what generation is watching, it holds up,” she added. “I think the comedy is relevant.”

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